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Last week I had the privilege to mob out to Vail, Colorado with the wizard of G Pen to experience the Burton US Open.

Since Burton was the first snowboard I rode and owned, this was a milestone on multiple levels.

Revered by riders and fans all around the globe, the happening showcases some of the best snowboarders in the world, competing in slope style and half pipe contests.

Sky Art featuring Pat Burgener.

Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim posing with fans.

Forget what this trick was, but it’s Ayumu Hirano BEASTING. His second run before winning the half pipe competition in the finals.

To make things even more drastic, G Pen shipped out a laser engraving machine to customize their limited collab for the event, a Burton US Open G Pen Gio.

I was in charge of curating icons from the Burton & Grateful Dead art palette. Prolly engraved 50-60 Gios during our stay.

The fun continued every evening for the concert series, which showcased top shelf talent ranging from Damian Marley to Dean Ween.

Special thanks to Burton, G Pen, Chris, Greg and Anne-Marie for the love & hospitality.

By Adam Stanzak



From flying miles above ground amongst lightning storms to diving beneath the surface of Hawaiin waters, our reel is a glimpse into our escapades, catalog & perception.

Special thanks to the friends and collaborators that made most of these moments happen.

T.F. – ErThangSkanless Premiere

T.F. – ErThangSkanless Premiere

This weekend T.F. & the homies celebrated the release of his debut LP ErThangSkanless.

SoundBite Studios hosted the release party. Although that term isn’t inaccurate for the function, the art exhibit & VR music video experience prevented this from being the typical run-of-the-mill occasion. Felt like walking into a crime scene of a homicide & narcotics bust with an evidence room tucked in the back, that happened to be a dimly lit celebration blapping the project with a high turn up.

After getting in a gutter early 90’s Caddy DeVille, attendees put on a VR headset, the one-take music video for “Residential” takes you through the song’s narrative through first person point of view.


This was the mood as soon as you stepped in.

Part of a moving picture coming soon.

Even the youngsters were gettin’ it.

Pollo held it down on the 1’s & 2’s.


Hannah pulled up to show love & experience the VR video.

One of the few guests on the project, Charlie Waa featured on the joint “Leather Seats.”

Always good to see Trizz, Harmony & Sage.

Massive praise & salute to Marcos & Jess for making the experience possible.

Be sure to cop & slap ErThangSkanless and be on the look out for new visuals.

Derek Pope | We’re All Strangers

Derek Pope | We’re All Strangers

Derek Pope has been a friend and collaborator since his days Upstairs. From voyaging around NYC to exploring the back hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, our captures span coast to coast. With his new music on the horizon, we watched the sunrise and shot some press stills.

His latest release We’re All Strangers debuted last week and is another testament of top shelf wizardry. Pope’s lyricism & production have always been on point, but this project transcends to another dimension. From start to finish the listen is refreshing & hella developed, trippy euphonies amalgamated with philosophical sauce. Every joint is a gem but “Levels” & “Sleep Like Owls” are my favorite, relate to these on multiple… “Do U Even Want To See The Future” asks just that, but in the best way. The party slap has to be  “All the Time,” although I initially pictured young fuckbois in pink dreadlocks bouncing around with double cups to this, I ended up enjoying it sober or even more while lifted. “Student Loans” couldn’t be a more accurate testimony to the uncertainty & speculation most college alumni feel post graduation.

The project is another win for Top Floor Music Group, watch the squad’s elevation continue to rise this Year of the Dog.

Be sure to cop this masterpiece on iTunes , for those on a budget stream the soundcloud link below.

Album cover by Farid


Short Documentary Screening! 1/28

Short Documentary Screening! 1/28

Chrysalis Movie Poster Print


JANUARY 28TH 6-10pm

5025 W. PICO BLVD.


“Chrysalis” is a Drastic production that’s been over three years in the making! Badd Wolf is a dreamer, artist, entertainer & free thinker from Los Angeles, creating his own lane while enjoying the human experience. We’ve captured a slice of his evolution that transpired into a short documentary.

Come see the movie, our pictures and celebrate. We’re raffling away free prints from the project, with stills, zine & merch available for purchase.



What stemmed from an ultra lit post Soundset party with Villa Rosa in 2014, evolved into a project and concert with Minnesota’s finest, Muja Messiah and NYC’s own Roc Marciano. 

Since drastic escapades tend to happen on short notice, I flew back just days before the preliminary recording sessions to document the lead single of Muja and Roc’s Saran Rap. 

The next day they rocked the record release for Muja’s Angel Blood Soup at the historic Cabooze. Although time was tight, I was able to piece together a video highlighting the 48 hours.

S/o Maria Isa, Delano, P Murda, Nazeem & Spencer Jones, and everyone else that made this possible. 



It’s not everyday we get to collaborate with an art maestro that specializes in paint, let alone an artist that has been a staple in NYC’s art advancement since the early 80’s and hung canvases next to Jean-Michel Basquiat & Keith Haring.

Fortunately G Pen continues stacking their unparalleled catalog of dope creations with some of the most rad associates in the troposphere. In their most recent project, they brought out Brooklyn’s own Stash to the West to paint a floral inspired pattern on Melrose Ave.

Stash conquered the first wall with his fiancée in three days. When he came back for the release party, he painted the second wall for good measure. 

Good times documenting the magic, special thanks to G Pen, Stash and everyone that came out to celebrate the release. 

By Adam Stanzak



The year of the Rooster has beckoned many jubilant blessings, but celebrating my gallery debut has to be the crowning moment. The last weekend of May marked the gallery launch of December 9th at Organic Modernism.  Curator Molly Waseka transformed the space from a high end furniture store to a charming art gallery, showcasing the expressive imagery of a handful of LA artists. 

Reigning as the only photographer, I had the privilege to present my canvases (as well as sell limited edition square prints) among other artists such as Black Brain, Jesse Draxler, Brian Ostroff, Antonio Pelayo and Jimmy Warhol.

(From left to right, top to bottom) Pay Off, Chase More, Bear Frost, Big Basin, Occasion, Fuegz, Expired, Rooster, Half Full, Backcountry. 

All images were printed with fine art giclee ink on archival canvases with Moby Arts Studio.

Artist’s Statement:

My introduction to photography was through filmmaking. I was intrigued in recording moments that were still instead of moving. The curiosity in capturing my adventures and advancing in the realm of storytelling grew into a passion & lifestyle. I’m grateful to have experienced all the places photography & filmmaking have taken me, as well as feel the flame of desire to push it further and continue evolving.

With the ten year anniversary of my migration to the West on the horizon, I thought ten selects were appropriate to express my love & appreciation to the territory that’s blessed me with so many triumphant moments. From San Diego to Big Basin Redwood Forest and a few places in-between, this California Captures collection feature some of my favorite stills snapped in the Golden State.

I featured the pictures with the aim of enhancing one’s home or workspace. I hope by seeing these captures, the viewer feels an impulse to detach from their normal routine and enjoy Mother Nature, maybe even give back and try to be more sustainable. Whether they serve as portals of a daydream escape, spark philosophical conversations, encourage sustainability or travel, the intent is to induce one’s golden state of mind. 

(Featured Artist Adam Stanzak with Curator Molly Waseka)

Thank you to all the supporters and collaborators that have made this journey possible. Special thanks to everyone that came out to support on this magical night. The capsule will remain up through the upcoming months, feel free to check it out! Also read Dec. 9th’s recap of the night here

Organic Modernism

315 N La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Below is a video showing the process of fine art giclee canvas printing, framing and wrapping with Moby Arts. 


Lords of Leimert Park | NoCanDo & Myka 9

Lords of Leimert Park | NoCanDo & Myka 9

When I first moved to Los Angeles in August ’07, I was lucky enough (really fuckin’ lucky) to be brought in by two of the most talented, hilarious, astute bruhs the city had to offer – Alpha MC and VerBS. Outside of lacing the homies with crisp fits from their gig at American Apparel, hosting the westside’s most crackin’ friday night function The Spliff, and all around killing the game of good times, dudes happened to also be proficient members of the hip hop collective Swim Team, a fledgling squadron delivering some of the nicest bars and cadences out of Leimert Park’s open-mic workshop – Project Blowed.

Although James (Nocando) wasn’t in Swim Team, he was prolly the most commended crony the crew conspired with. I had heard praises of “the man who served the world,” winner of 2007 Scribble Jam (freestyle-battle competition), and sagacious rap prodigy Nocando since my arrival, but didn’t actually meet bro until Alph brought me to Leimert (circa ’08) to experience the prowess & sorcery alchemizing in those late Thursday night cyphers.

Since I started collaborating with these legends of Leimert, Nocan has always been mad cool & hospitable. One time I was almost stranded in San Bernardino. My ride ditched me to chase a skeezer he met at Paid Dues, I didn’t even know I was about to get left until James reached out and offered a ride, pretty sure we ate at Denny’s halfway back. From plugging the + 1’s at Low End Theory throughout the years, to providing encouragement at times of difficulty, dude continues to be a bona fide Lawd.

For those unfamiliar with Project Blowed and Kaos Network, do your research and buy This is the Life documentary, debut film of Oscar nominated director Ava DuVernay (13th, Selma, Scandal). To go into detail about its importance chronicling Project Blowed’s predecessor The Good Life Cafe, an early 90’s open-mic that spawned masterminds Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude, Ellay Khule (among many others), as well as drawing household names such as Eminem to Common, would be a dissertation in itself. Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself with the film, it’s hella informative and done really well. 

One crucial piece of enlightenment to take from the film is the profound virtuosity and influence Myka 9 (formerly known as Microphone Mike) and his crew Freestyle Fellowship had on the times. Myka is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. OG definitely communicates on a higher frequency and operates in another dimension. Diving into his brilliance and dexterity would be another disquisition. The closest analogy I can think of is an oracle unicorn illuminating the world with poems and music, simultaneously freestyling and beatboxing as a cloud of DMT dissipates in the air.

Nocando’s Mykraphone Myk pays homage to Myka 9, even borrows a couple bars from Myka’s song Life or Death. I’m honored to contribute and participate in the legacy of these Leimert Park Lords. Shout out to Tamara Wofford for bringing this together. Be sure to cop Nocando’s “Severed” LP on iTunes or Bandcamp, for those on a budget slap it on Soundcloud or Spotify. Peep the video & stills below.


Story & Visuals by Adam Stanzak



The Hippies, Cameron (their primo) and I just finished the spring USA tour and decided to hit Amsterdam for vacation.  We deserved it right? Jeff calls me Wednesday afternoon (day before we’re suppose to leave), to let me know that he just bought tickets and our flight departs LAX in 2 hours!  I happen to be in Culver City picking up my camera and lens from a repair shop.  Couldn’t of been cutting it any closer.  For some reason this is basically how all our trips are – last minute, no fucks given.

 BM 9848

Upon arrival, we had no hotel booked and it was Easter weekend.  Luckily we were able to find a spot not too far from the coffee shops.

 BM 9537

Day 1:  Figuring out the lay of the land, on shrooms.

 BM 9367

I led the pack on bikes (being the only one sober) riding in circles, searching for the infamous Red-light district. 

Day 2:  Waking up to the realization that we didn’t have a hotel booked for the rest of our stay.  We ended up schlepping our bags around the city for a few hours, eventually booking the last telly in all of Amsterdam.  Thank God.

 BM 0083

We crewed up and took a boat trip through the canals.

 BM 9708

 BM 0191

With sunset an hour away, I mobbed solo around the city to find the dopest spot for a photo.  The I Amsterdam sign felt like a proper stopping place.  Very cool place to chill and see all the people hop on the sign for photos.

 BM 0350-2

The evening in Dam Square hosted this awesome Carnival set up adjacent to this huge cathedral.  I hoped Jeff and Kevin would join me on the ride for a photo, but Kevin was a wimp and Jeff was shrooming again, so I continued my solo mission to the top.

 BM 0862

 Once we were able to put our bags down in the room, we couldn’t believe how tiny the space was.  Three mattresses and a floor space the size of me!  Somehow I ended up getting the short end of the stick and stuck on the floor.  As expected, I didn’t sleep much.  

 BM 0520

Day 3:  Woke before sunrise to chase that beautiful 15 minute window of time, on a bicycle. Which turned into a day journey around the city.

 BM 0597

 BM 0906

Day 4:  Everybody got new fits.

IMG 3115

Had to smoke out the coffee shop one last time before returning to the States.

 BM 0253

Thanks Amsterdam for the calm vibes.

-Picture Perfect


Pizzanista! x G Pen

Pizzanista! x G Pen

To say 2017 has been a year of milestones, would be hella accurate.  But before I write a dissertation about my roots in skateboarding (leading me to pick up a video camera), how cool Salman Aaah is and how fucking rad documenting this collaboration has been, Ima let you find out for yourself with the video below.

Special thanks to G Pen, Pizzanista! & Salman for making this come to fruition. 

– Steezak