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Cassidy Howell LP

We’re pleased to have collaborated on another album cover for someone who has been a Drastic ambassador before we even amalgamated.  One of our favorite musicians & artists, Cassidy Howell, who’s known round these parts as Steezlawd. Executively produced by Chase Moore & SahtyreCassidy Howell is Saht’s third “official” LP. Other than a couple tracks produced by Derek Pope and the Steezlawd himself, the project was produced, mixed & mastered by Chase Moore.  Fortunately our roots with Cass go all the way back to High Saht, so we’ve had the pleasure to not only witness the rise and evolution, but conspire & voyage with the mystical wizard for damn near a decade. 

In just a week of the release, it’s featured on the top 20 hiphop/rap albums, be sure to cop on iTunes!

Original portrait shot at Union by Adam Stanzak.

Be sure to blap Cassidy Howell for everyone you know, and stay on the lookout for more Steezlawd Drastic visuals.

For those of you that can’t afford an iTunes purchase or happen to be stingy af, slap it on Soundcloud.