Just weeks before Christmas 16′ the Hippies and I made a last minute mission to Tokyo, Japan.  With only 2 days notice, we packed our bags and jetted over to fulfill a quest.  Shooting over a span of 72 hours, we captured the flyer & billboard image for the upcoming Chasing The Wild tour

Arriving in Shinjuku we spent all of our nights walking the neon streets scouting for locations to shoot.

We ordered ramen from an atm & we sipped drinks in Golden Gai.  Golden Gai was awesome.  The location was the size of one block with alleyways full of tiny bars.  We shot whiskey in one bar, downed asahi in another, and so on.  Bartenders were always nice and would hook us up with spots to check out.  Kan pai (Cheers)!

Trying to figure out arcade games was a common situation. 

Conversing (signing) with locals was spotty, leaving us to end everything with arigatou (thank you).

24/7 people fill the streets of Shinjuku .

We finally found the gold mine of locations.  Here we got what we came for!

Classic Japanese photo.

Our last night in the city it started to rain so we bought umbrellas.

Weed was no where to be found.

We took the metro to Shibuya just to say we did it.  Ended up finding out no one talks and barely makes eye contact on the train.

Tokyo overall was unexpected, different, bright, drunk and wild.  I’ll never forget it.  Thanks to the hippies for a trip of a lifetime.

Full circle  Sunset Blvd.

Below is the Chasing The Wild Anthem/mini doc of my year with Hippie Sabotage featuring 2 headline tours, a few festivals, and the trip to Tokyo. Full Photo recap from Japan below!

Listen to the new tunes and buy your tickets to the Chasing The Wild Tour before its too late!

By Michael Paredes